"I no longer had to undergo the procedure to restart the heart!"

27th Jul 2022

Answered Prayer #3756

For some months I had been suffering with a condition named Atrial Fibrillation which is an erratic heartbeat, this was affecting me in lots of different ways, not being able to do anything energetic, or anything that requires exertion.  

One Sunday morning there was an offer of prayer for healing that I responded to, so the Elders prayed for me.  From that time I started feeling better. The doctors told me I would need cardioversion, a process where I would have to go to hospital and by using electric shock they restart the heart, and they put me on a different drug, which is supposed to make the cardioversion process go better.  

So the day came and I went into  hospital  expecting the procedure to be carried out, but when they put the ECG on me they found that my heartbeat was beating strongly and normally, and the nurse said it's a very good trace.  So I no longer had to undergo the procedure to restart the heart!

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