"I could not only stay in my home, but overpay my mortgage..."

3rd Aug 2022

Answered Prayer #17672

Seven years ago, my husband had left after an affair with a mutual colleague. I loved my home and my job but I faced the new lovers daily and my salary wasn't enough to pay my new mortgage after buying out my husband.

I prayed for a solution to my problems, to find a job where I didn't have to see the people who betrayed me, and which would pay enough for me to stay in my lovely home, even if my mortgage wouldn't end until I was 74 years old.

My desk phone rang one day soon after - it was a recruitment agent headhunting me for a consulting  job paying so much more than the old job that I could not only stay in my home, but overpay my mortgage to the point that I've already reduced the term by almost decade. God is good!

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