Answered Prayer #24884

When my first born son was about one month old I was breastfeeding him with a shawl for privacy in a coffee shop. He stopped feeding and I assumed he fell asleep. I moved the shawl to see his face and blood was coming out of his nose and he seemed asleep. I was so scared and screamed out. My friend was with me and calmed me, the staff ran over. It turned out a paramedic was in the coffee shop and they and my friends arranged an ambulance, I was in shock. There was also one off duty police person who also helped. They're fast action I'm sure helped so much.
He was put in an incubator and put to sleep. He had experienced a pulmonary haemorrhage which was bleeding in his lungs. Our church friends, family, pastor prayed and visited. On day 2 or 3 I was listening to worship music in the hospital parents room and sensed peace. Peace if this was all the time we'd have.
He started to respond and heal very quickly. The doctors were suprised by his quick improvement. We couldn't believe it but by day 6 we were home and discharged. There was no sign of affects physically that he had ever experienced that. They investigated and followed up regularly for 4 years and could never find a cause or lasting effects. Today he is a month off his 13 birthday, fit and healthy, hardly ever getting ill. Prayer works. God is always with us.

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