Having been diagnosed with advanced cancer and having several other severe health conditions and autism,  I  was told it would be several months before I was well enough to be operated on. 

I prayed to Jesus to intervene and was 2 days later told I would be operated on in under a week, as the surgeon was going away.  He also said I would be in hospital for a considerable time, and in intensive care for around 2 weeks if I even made it off the table.  My health wasn't great and I continued to pray. I was on the operating table over 12 hours as they found I had an abscess that had burst as well as the cancer and my insides were a mess.  The surgeon told me and my husband that if he hadn't operated when he did I would have been dead in under a week!  I went on to make such great progress  I was in intensive care under 24 hours and home in under 2 weeks. I am alive, and feeling better than I have in over 9 years.


I have no doubt Jesus saved me  by bringing everything forward and feel strongly he did so for a reason.  I am now grasping every opportunity to share my story and experience with others and 2 years on am starting a new business supporting others with autism and starting on a PhD and volunteering at the university to support the faith team supporting students in need of support. 


Jesus is awesome.