This miracle was probably one of the smallest ever and yet one of the most wonderful displays of Gods perfect timing!  Our son, now 3 years old, had lost his helicopter toy.  He looked for it and when he could not find it he asked me for help.  I told him to pray. So together we prayed and asked God to show us where it was.  We looked in the toy cupboard together but could not find it in there.  Ten minutes after praying for God to show us, there was a knock at the front door from the postman.  He had a package.  In the package was a letter which said 'Dear J, I am so sorry I have not returned this to you before.  You left this toy at our house in September (4 months previously to him now looking for it) Love from  your Auntie - And right there, in J’s hands was the helicopter...hand delivered...the toy that J had just asked God to help him find!