I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Since the Lord saved my life, I've always wanted to share His gospel with my people. I had a vision to drive around the cities where my friends live and give everyone I encounter a Bible to ensure that every Russian has the Word of God in their hands, and then in their hearts. My trip was supposed to be 2 months long, covering about 10,000 km. I had 4 church friends who agreed to join me. When I calculated the cost of the trip (accommodation for 5 people, food, gas, etc.), it was 170,800 rubles = $2,000. I sent a message to my friends asking for support. Less than 24 hours before the start of the trip, I had 0 money, but I knew in my heart that we were going because the Lord gave me the vision. I was confused why no support came in, but within the following 5 days, we had all the money I thought we would need. By the end of the trip, we counted that we had given away 1,200 Bibles and spent $3,050. The Lord miraculously provided for our needs and even more! This summer, I'm planning to go again and have more church friends join me, and to give away even more Bibles!