Benefits of Eternal Wall

Benefits of Eternal Wall

 What charities will benefit from our annual profits? 

 How will the landmark benefit the local area? 

 How will Eternal Wall benefit social housing? 

 What charities will benefit from our annual profits? 

At the end of each financial year once Eternal Wall is built and operational, trustees will seek to distribute a significant percentage of net profit. These profits will be distributed to:

  • Social housing projects
  • Local charities and community groups
  • Other charities in line with Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer's charitable objectives

 How will the landmark benefit the local area?

With great benefit to the local economy, it is anticipated that Eternal Wall will create 60 jobs during its two year construction, thereafter providing 20 full-time positions for employees to work for the charity in ongoing administration, in the visitor centre, café, bookstore and as part of the 24 hour on-site chaplaincy support team. The development will give a £1.2 million economic output to the surrounding region.  The wider gross social value impact will be £1.4 billion.

Based on the experience of the Angel of the North in Gateshead, we expect to attract between 150,000 and 200,000 visitors per year and generate significant investment into the local economy. It is estimated that visitors will bring in £9.3 million to the wider West Midlands economy. 

A visit to Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be free of charge, and for the local residents this will be a great way to engage with public art. Further to this, the site will have a large open park area where people can come and enjoy a time of peace and reflection regardless of faith and belief.

 How will Eternal Wall benefit social housing?

Once constructed, all profits raised from the ongoing operation of Eternal Wall will fund a million bricks worth of social housing. Eternal Wall will link with local and national UK social action organisations, council housing charities, and international social housing initiatives to provide enough finance to build 100 houses.

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