Answered prayer bricks

Answered prayers bricks


 How many bricks in the structure?

 How are answered prayers validated?

 How will Eternal Wall preserve the UK's Christian heritage?

 Where does Eternal Wall get answered prayers?

 How will I access answered prayers?

 How do I get a brick?

 How many bricks can I have?

 How many answered prayers do you need from my area?


 How many bricks in the structure?

The structure will be made of a million bricks, each one representing an individual’s answered prayer: an account of when they prayed to Jesus, and He answered.

 How are answered prayers validated?

Eternal Wall is a piece of public art made up of a million stories of answered prayers. Every story is subjective and, as with any piece of art, people from all walks of life will be encouraged to come and admire the stucture. We do have a validation process to prevent abuse, but ultimately this is a piece of art that thousands of people will contribute to. and it is their answered prayers that make up Eternal Wall.

 How will Eternal Wall preserve the UK’s Christian heritage?

God has faithfully and powerfully moved throughout the history of the UK, whether by answering the prayers of St Augustine in the sixth century, to the millions of people who queued up outside churches to pray for the men on the beaches of Dunkirk during WWII. 

Eternal Wall will preserve, remember and celebrate prayers that God has answered throughout our nation’s rich history.

We have no way of knowing what culture and society will look like in a hundred years’ time, but we do know that Eternal Wall will still be standing, and that people will still be able to discover its stories of hope and see that Jesus answers prayer. 

We know that we will have faithfully sown into future generations and shared with them what Jesus has done in our time. 

 How will I access the answered prayers?

Each answered prayer will be digitally linked to a specific location in the impressive structure. Using a bespoke app, you will be able to hold your phone up to a brick and discover the specific answered prayer it represents with either audio, video or text.

 How do I get a brick?

Each brick in Eternal Wall is linked to an individual’s answered prayer. To get a brick, just share your answered prayer here. You will receive a certificate with a unique brick number so that when you visit, you will know where to find your answer prayer. By making a donation you can reserve a brick for a family member or friend to provide an answered prayer.

 How many bricks can I have?

Currently, there is no limit to the number bricks you can have. However, every answered prayer that we receive is read by one of our dedicated team members to determine its validity. A brief structure for an answered prayer is:

  • What was your situation?
  • How did you pray? 
  • How did Jesus answer your prayer?

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