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About Eternal Wall

  What will Eternal Wall look like?

What is a Möbius strip?

 How high will Eternal Wall be?

 What will be on site?

 What will the gardens be like at Eternal wall?

 How did you get the land for Eternal Wall?

 Where will Eternal Wall be seen from?

 What stage are we at now? 


 What will Eternal Wall look like?

Based on a Möbius strip design, the Eternal Wall will feature a soaring arch, rising over 50m into the air. It will be made of one million bricks.

We ran a global competition with the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2016 to find a design for Eternal Wall, and received 133 entries from 28 countries. The winning concept was put forward by Southampton-based practice, Snug Architects, and announced in May 2019. Since then, the design has been developed and refined in response to the site, increasing in scale and impact. 

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 What is a Möbius strip?

Eternal Wall takes the shape of an infinity loop called a Möbius strip. This is a surface that has neither beginning nor end, and which can never be classed as a static, finite wall. Created by taking a ribbon, giving it a half-twist, and then re-joining the ends to form an infinity loop, the shape is essentially a single surface running fluently in an ever-connecting line. As a result, a person can never be on the outside or the inside of it. 

For us, the continuous nature of the band represents how God is always listening and always answering our prayers.

 How high will Eternal Wall be?

The most notable feature of Eternal Wall is its stunning arch which will rise and twist 51.5m into the air. Compared to other familiar landmarks Eternal Wall is:

  • Just half a metre shy of Nelson’s Column which towers 52m in Trafalgar Square.
  • More than twice the size of The Angel of the North which stands at 20m high.
  • Eleven times the size of a 4.39m double decker bus.
  • Twenty nine times the height of the average British man of 5ft 9 inches.

 What will be on-site?

Eternal Wall will have a

  • Visitor centre
  • An exhibition space where you can find out what Christians believe about Jesus and how He answers prayer. This will align with the national RE curriculum.
  • We’ll have a bookshop
  • A café with outdoor seating,
  • An education centre
  •  A 24/7 prayer room.

 What will the gardens be like at Eternal Wall?

Eternal Wall will be set within ten acres of green space encouraging reflection, relaxation and wellbeing. A peaceful sweeping lawn will feature underneath the arch as it soars overhead. 

Moving away from the structure there will be natural wildflower meadow planting and beautiful open space through which a network of flat and gently sloping footpaths will weave all over the site, making it accessible for everyone to walk and enjoy the dynamic views. 

Seating areas and a large planted decorative garden will also create a restful environment for you to take in the impressive architecture and reflect on the answered prayers you’ve read and whether prayer should become part of your life.

Our intention is that you will be wowed, engaged and inspired as you move around the landmark 

 What stage are we at now?

In 2020 we recieved planning permission. We’ll be starting work on our access road in 2022, and Eternal Wall is due to be completed in 2024. But you can always find out what is happening month to month by joining our mailing list below or take a look at our news page.

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