Let's Get Building!

We need your help to Make Hope Visible! Your support will make 2022 the year of digging foundations, preparing the mobius strip and setting up a visitor centre on the land so that you and thousands of others can start to visit and engage with Eternal Wall. Click the links above to get involved.



It’s been a huge journey so far, full of God’s faithfulness and provision:

  • The design has been finalised
  • We have the land
  • We have planning permission
  • The access road will be started in October
  • We continue to gather answered prayers 


The crowdfunding campaign will be underpinned by 52 days of prayer & fasting. Do consider joining us! 
Inspired by the prayerful and miraculous rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem by Nehemiah in 52 days, Eternal Wall is hosting 52 days of prayer, fasting and worship (Friday 3 September - Sunday 24 October inclusive). 

This project is impossible without God. and it has to be for Him to be glorified! We desire to seek His kingdom first, believing everything else will be given to us as well (Matthew 6:33). We are passionate about praying and worshipping Jesus throughout this project, not simply for what we are asking Him to provide, but for who He is! 

The 52 days of prayer, fasting and worship are outlined in a downloadable booklet which is also available via the Prayermate App. It has been designed to allow flexibility for you to engage across the 52 days in a way that best suits you, by following the written morning, afternoon and evening prayers (on your own, in a small group, church, or organisation). There are options to join Zoom prayer meetings (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and evenings throughout), and onsite prayer, fasting and worship days (10 am - 3 pm)  on Wednesdays from 8 September - 20 October inclusive.

Download prayer booklet here

Worship Wednesdays

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

Fundraise with us!

This can't happen without you!

Whatever your passion or interest, why not turn it to a fundraiser for Eternal Wall? From a bake sale to a bike ride, to a marathon craft challenge, how could you help raise funds and spread the word about the campaign? Email us to register your interest, and you can find some ideas by clicking the link below. 

Join an Event 

On Saturday 25th September we'd love you to join us on the inaugural Mobius Bike Sportive inspired by the design of the Eternal Wall landmark! We are looking for cyclists and volunteers to help on the day.

There will be two distances on offer, both starting and finishing at the site of Eternal Wall in Coleshill. Riders will have the option to cycle either a 35 mile loop or a 68 mile loop.

You can sign up here

Partners and churches

We are seeking to build long-term partnerships with the whole spectrum of churches and Christian organisations in the UK and further afield. We believe Eternal Wall will give people and communities hope that God listens, answers prayer and can change circumstances. We would love visitors to be able to access answered prayers that demonstrate the full breadth of Christian experience; from different denominations, countries and points in history; workplaces and family situations. If you are part of a Christian network, whether workplace/leisure based, intercessory, educational or evangelistic, we would love to connect with you. On 24 August and in September, we will be hosting Exploring Partnerships Zooms. Email to register your interest. 

Pass it on

Thank you for your support of this campaign!

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