Eternal Wall is going to Spring Harvest!

7th Mar 2022

Eternal Wall is going to Spring Harvest!

The theme for Spring Harvest 2022 is 'Restore, Renew, Rebuild', looking at the story of Nehemiah and how everyone has a part to play in the rebuilding. That theme rings true with us and we're really excited about the opportunity we have to be there. We'll be encouraging people to engage in the process of Renew, Restore, Rebuild by sharing stories of answered prayer.

We'll be building a wall on site made up of hope stories, and as that wall grows, you'll be able to see how each individual part is vital to the whole. 

The dates for Spring Harvest are:
Skegness 11th - 15th April
Minehead 18th - 18th - 22nd April

Come and find us in the Centre Stage Venue, and add your brick to the wall. 

Click HERE to find out more and book your tickets!!