The doctors told Alison’s daughter that she might not make it to Easter.

13th May 2022

The doctors told Alison’s daughter that she might not make it to Easter.

It was November, and my daughter who was at Uni in Sunderland had her drink spiked on a quiet night out with a female friend. Her friend helped her home, but just as she was getting into her house she slipped off the front step and banged her head on the wall with her full weight.

The next few days her headache got worse and she went to the hospital. Tests confirmed that she had been spiked and a CT scan revealed that she had swelling in her frontal lobe. The swelling was so bad that her brain was pushing onto the front of her skull. Over the next few months the hospital tried different medicines to reduce the swelling. Nothing was working. They talked to her about the seriousness of the situation and how she may just not wake up one morning.

In the following January her body started to react by shutting down. Feinting became a regular occurrence and as well as her brain medicine the hospital started to bring her in regularly to drip feed her other strengthening fluids. In February the hospital told me to start looking at charities that support families whose children die early. She was getting worse. Her headaches were still constant and her thought processes were sometimes mixed. Then in late February they said that they were not expecting her to be alive by Easter.

During this time she was still trying to live the best she could at Uni and I was travelling up to clean her house and do her washing as often as I could. The last visit up to see her to clean left me in tears just seeing how ill she had become, and at times she just couldn't find her words to talk. I prayed with her. Our church and family had been praying for her. I drove home, crying.

The morning I had left she had her regular CT scan and it showed the brain swollen as before. The next day she had another appointment with the specialist from Newcastle and the specialist from Sunderland. She woke up that next morning and felt something had changed in her head. She went to the specialist appointment and asked them to scan her brain again. The specialists said "we scanned it yesterday the swelling won't have changed over one night". But she insisted. 

On receipt of the results of the scan the doctors looked at each other. They said "We have no explanation for what we can see except that it is a miracle. Your swelling has completely gone down!" She is still alive and all her headaches have gone.

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