We have changed our name

19th Aug 2020

Presenting Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer



We’ve changed our name!

When the project first began we didn’t know what ‘The Wall of Answered Prayer’ would look like. The name described what the structure would be: a place where one million answered prayers would be linked to one million bricks.

Since then, we’ve announced our incredible winning design by Snug Architects: a concept taking the shape of an infinity loop called a Möbius strip. This is a never-ending surface running fluently in an ever-connecting line. As a result, a person can never be on the outside or the inside of it. We love how this represents how God is eternal and that he is always listening and always answering our prayers.

Now, we’ve realised the need for a name that connects more to this impressive design and concept. So, from today we are changing our name to ‘Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer’ with the mission: make hope visible.