Our Impact

Our mission is for Eternal Wall to make hope visible to our nation through the one million stories of hope housed in the landmark. 

The Möbius strip design, a shape with no beginning or end, speaks of God’s eternal nature, whilst the beautiful grounds and chaplains allow for peaceful reflection and prayer.

Our state-of-the-art educational centre and bespoke app will create a visitor experience like no other. Visitors will experience heritage answered prayers dating back to the 1st century, whilst finding inspiration in the stories of today, all of which declare Jesus is alive, God hears us, and He answers prayer. 

The structure and grounds of Eternal Wall are not only a place for renewing faith and restoring hope, they are also intended to positively impact local economy. To see our economic impact, click here.

Once Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is constructed, all profits raised from its ongoing operation will fund a million bricks worth of social housing. This will provide enough finance to build 100 houses for:

  • Social action charities
  • Council housing associations
  • International social housing charities

All our internal costs are covered so every donation goes into the construction of the landmark.