Heritage Bricks

Answered Prayers throughout the Centuries

An exciting feature of Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is the inclusion of 75,000 stories of answered prayer from throughout the UK’s history. This nation has an incredibly rich Christian heritage and we want to remember all that God has done here through the centuries. 

We are calling these heritage bricks.

It is such a privilege to honour the faith of our ancestors by including their answered prayers in Eternal Wall. By doing this we aim to preserve our nation's Christian heritage and Make Hope Visible.

Do you know of any Christians throughout history that may have stories we could use for Eternal Wall? Does your hometown boast of a local hero of the faith? Perhaps there was a revival or a significant outpouring of the Spirit in your hometown. If anything comes to mind, please let us know here.


We are looking for stories that span from the 1st Century AD to World War II. 

Below we have a great example of a heritage answered prayer. These stories cannot be forgotten; we must remember what God has done throughout the millennia.

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