Eternal Wall will be built in Coleshill near Birmingham, UK and 500,000 journeys will pass the landmark every week. 

With visibility from up to six miles away, Eternal Wall will be seen from the M6, M42  and M6. 

Flights to and from nearby Birmingham Airport shall also have excellent views of Eternal Wall from every angle. 

And finally, any trains travelling on the HS2 will also get a glimpse of this magnificent monument.


The story of how we acquired this piece of land is utterly incredibly and displays God's favour for this project; you can watch this now.

Why we are great for Coleshill?

One million bricks will be donated to social housing projects and organisations in the UK and around the world.

Eternal Wall will generate ongoing economic benefits, ranging from employment on and off site, a productivity boost and taxation revenue for local government in the form of business rates.

Make Hope Visible

Eternal Wall is a monument to the power of prayer that makes hope visible for individuals and communities by a million examples of personal prayers answered by Jesus.


More on our impact

Why Coleshill is great for us?

We estimate that 500,000 journeys will travel past Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer every week.

As people see this beautiful structure, our hope is that they will investigate Eternal Wall, either online or in person.

Finding themselves interacting with one million answered prayers and discovering what God has done for  the people of this nation.


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