Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

At Eternal Wall we only collect information which is necessary for us to document your answered prayer and keep you up to date with the progress of Eternal Wall.

Please note that all answered prayers in Eternal Wall will be anonymous. Be aware that if you share a picture or video alongside your answered prayer it could be used to identify you.

The information we gather includes:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Postal address (if you have requested a prayer certificate in the post)
  • Details of your answered prayer
  • Telephone number (in case we need to contact you in relation to your donation or answered prayer submission).

You will receive information from us in two instances:

  • You have opted in to our mailing list or requested that we add you to our mailing list via a face-to-face or telephone conversation with a member of our team, prayer form, website, text message or email.
  • You have expressed ‘legitimate interest’ via an action you have taken in the past such as donating to our kick-starter or submitting an answered prayer

How do we use your information?

We only collect the information required to keep you up-to-date and informed and discard all other information that isn’t required for us to do this. For example, we don’t access, process or keep your payment information when you make a donation. We only keep the information for Gift Aid if you have opted in to Gift Aid with your donation.

Here is an overview of where we collect data and how it is used:

Answered prayer forms

When you complete and submit an answered prayer form, we will contact you and share your answered prayer in accordance with the permissions you have selected on your prayer form.


Newsletter – when you sign-up to our newsletter on Eternal Wall's website you will receive our monthly update newsletter. On occasion we will also send you breaking news, that we believe will interest you. An example includes when the design was announced.

Email opt-in

If you have sent a direct email to Eternal Wall requesting to be added to our mailing list, you will also receive monthly updates about Eternal Wall’s progress.

If you have submitted your email address to receive a free download, you will receive your download via email and we will request your permission to send you other relevant information related to Eternal Wall.

Donations via text, website, phone

We do not process or hold your payment information, we will however keep your name, email address (and postal address if you have requested to be sent a certificate) on file so that we can send you information in relation to your donation.


If you have given us your contact details at an event and given us express permission to contact you, we will send you our monthly email newsletter and other updates in relation to Eternal Wall’s progress.

The security of your data

  • We undertake an analysis of the risks presented by our processing, and use this to assess the appropriate level of security we need to put in place.
  • When deciding what measures to implement, we take account of the state of the art and costs of implementation.
  • We have an information security policy (or equivalent) and take steps to make sure the policy is implemented.
  • Where necessary, we have additional policies and ensure that controls are in place to enforce them.
  • We make sure that we regularly review our information security policies and measures and, where necessary, improve them.
  • We have put in place basic technical controls such as those specified by established frameworks like Cyber Essentials.
  • We understand that we may also need to put other technical measures in place depending on our circumstances and the type of personal data we process.
  • We use encryption and/or pseudonymisation where it is appropriate to do so.
  • We understand the requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability for the personal data we process.
  • We make sure that we can restore access to personal data in the event of any incidents, such as by establishing an appropriate backup process.
  • We conduct regular testing and reviews of our measures to ensure they remain effective, and act on the results of those tests where they highlight areas for improvement.
  • Where appropriate, we implement measures that adhere to an approved code of conduct or certification mechanism.
  • We ensure that any data processor we use also implements appropriate technical and organisational measures.

Your rights

You can request to see all the data we hold about you or to be permanently deleted from our database at any time by sending an email to

Please also note that we will never share the information you provide with any third parties.


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