What areas are included in Region 7?

From Southampton to the Isle of Wight


Region 7

We have divided the UK into 70 regions each with a correlating segment i.e. region 7 gets segment 7. Below you will find which areas are covered by region 7, and how many answered prayers are needed by opening day. 

Region 7 Total - 1,949
New Forest East 204
New Forest West 196
Isle Of Wright 313
Southampton, Itchen 200
Southampton, Test 194
Romsey and Southampton North 189
Eastleigh 232
Gosport 204
Fareham 217


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A glimpse of Christian History in Region 7!

The work of God is reviving among the different sections of the Christian church here. Among the sailors also the Spirit of God is moving: many have already been brought to a saving knowledge of the truth. At a place called West-end, about six miles distant, the Revival has begun in good earnest.


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