The overall budget for this project is £11.4 million which includes the construction costs of the arch, the Visitor Centre, the car park and landscaping. We have successfully raised almost £600,000 to date through online fundraising and crowdfunding. In 2019, we ran a marketing campaign which raised £170,000 which allowed us to submit our complete planning application with all its associated costs, for which we recently received approval! We have also acquired enough funding to cover our running costs for three years, allowing us to focus on raising the rest of the £11.4 million.

Now that we have planning permission, we will approach trust funds, charities, and high-net-worth individuals to raise the remaining amount needed, alongside regular donations from individuals across the UK and abroad.

Upon construction, entry to Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be free, but by generating income through the car park, bookstore, cafe and donations, we expect that once fully operational Eternal Wall will generate a net profit of £400k a year, which will be invested into UK charities and social housing projects.


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