Social Housing

One million bricks • One hundred homes

Once Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is constructed, all profits raised from its ongoing operation will fund a million bricks worth of social housing. This will provide enough finance to build 100 houses for:

  • Social action charities
  • Council housing associations
  • International social housing charities

Approximately 25% of the bricks that we donate will be used for social housing abroad, whilst the other 75% will go to social housing in the UK.

Further profits will also go into other UK charities.


"Homelessness has increased by 165% since 2010 in the UK. This includes rough-sleepers (average life expectancy 47), those living in a temporary accommodation or inadequately housed, those ‘sofa-surfing’ and those working as modern slaves (over 10,000). 1000s are bringing up children in one room in a hostel or B&B miles from their schools; others are searching for work with no forwarding address, struggling to keep a hold on their mental health while surviving in a tent. That is why giving people a home: a place they feel safe, secure , nurtured with supportive relationships is vital. It enables them to hope and thrive. Yet for 1000’s in this country this is not their reality.


Hope into Action would love to partner with Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer in being a chosen partner to manage the homes envisioned. We believe we represent God’s heart for this nation: churches caring the for poor in a way which never loses its spiritual edge." 

Ed Walker, Hope Into Action


"Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer’s social housing project will reflect and complement the vision of the monument. While the monument engages the public at large, generating conversation at a national scale, the housing has the potential to positively impact the everyday lives of individuals, families and communities.

As a practice Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios has developed a reputation for high quality housing and pioneering environmental design, and we would be immensely excited to bring our experience and design ethos to this inspiring project. We share Eternal Wall’s aspiration to harness the monument’s architectural ambition and apply it to innovative social housing to create a sustainable community.

It is with pleasure that through the design competition for Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer we have developed a strong relationship with the team and we would be delighted to work with Eternal Wall to bring to fruition sustainable and community nurturing homes for those more vulnerable in society."

- FCBStudios



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