Why should I give to Eternal Wall?

Economic Impact of Eternal Wall

Once Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is completed, all profits raised from its ongoing operation will fund a million bricks worth of social housing. This will provide enough finance to build 100 houses for:

  • Social action charities
  • Council housing associations
  • International social housing charities

The team behind the Angel of the North estimate that the landmark has generated over £500 million for the local economy. This impact is attributed to two key elements:

  • An uplift in the sponsorship of nearby public art installations
  • An increase in local business investment

We anticipate a similar economic impact from Eternal Wall.

We estimate that eternal Wall will attract 150-200,000 visitors annually which shall also be of benefit to the local economy.

Our Biggest Investor

You can delve through the site and see the heart of what we are trying to achieve. We are planning to create something that lasts through the generations. We are also giving one million bricks to social housing. Over time, the monument will generate more money than it costs.

All of those are good reasons to give. But none of those are the right reasons to give.

The right reason to give is this: pray to God, ask Him and see if you receive a prompt to support the project. If you don’t get that prompt, then please do not give us your money. We believe that Eternal Wall will be funded by God, and that is the only way that we want it funded.

Some of you reading this page should absolutely donate to this project. Some of you should absolutely not donate to this project.

Jesus is our biggest investor. God is connecting us to the people who He wants to provide financial support for us. We don’t want a penny from somebody who does not feel prompted to give, as their money needs to go into other good works. Thankfully God does not have restricted funds.

However, we do want money from those who God is nudging to give. Please pray to see where God wants you to invest your finances. If you believe you are meant to donate to this project, then we thank you for your generosity and gratefully receive your donation.

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