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"Do not forget the things your eyes have seen" Deuteronomy 4:9

We are seeking a million testimonies of answered prayer. Eternal Wall will stand for hundreds of years, passing our answered prayers down through the generations.

We're looking for both miraculous and everyday answered prayers. Whether it was an immediate answer or you had to wait decades, we want to hear about it. If the answer was exactly what you wanted, not what you expected, or even a no, please feel free to share it with us.

Answered prayers can be up to 500 words.



Answered Prayer #12330

In 2014 I dropped out of school. Frustrated, hopeless, no job, rejection, depression, all in. Nothing was working. I fasted and prayed, got back to school, graduated and today am happy, working and living an ever growing and fulfilled life. Indeed my redeemer lives.

Answered Prayer #12213

My daughter suffered regular nightmares and night terrors for many years, starting when she was only about 18 months old. I came to Jesus when she was five and I decided to say a prayer with her each night to ask Jesus to fill her sleep with peaceful dreams. After one week her nightmares had completely stopped and she was sleeping soundly through the night, every night. We still pray together each night and we are so grateful to Jesus for helping her.

Answered Prayer #11552

I had seen people prayed for when they had a limb shorter than the other (and seen the limbs grow) but never dared to risk praying for something like that myself; but in the '80s, we had moved and become involved in a new church which we helped to lead. My wife had damaged her back lifting an old man in whose house we were living. Now she had put her back out again and was in considerable pain. I was teaching in school and arrived home tired and feeling anything but filled with the Spirit. I asked how her back was and she said it was agonising and she wondered if she had one leg shorter than the other. I gulped because it meant I would have to pray for her! We checked her legs carefully (backside up against the back of a chair and her legs lifted up; standing on a book with each foot in turn). Her right leg was about an inch shorter than the left. I closed my eyes because I didn't dare look and prayed, 'Lord, You know I haven't got the faith for this but it's over to You. Please equalize the legs'. There was a movement and they were the same length! That was in fact the sacroiliac joint going back silently. Over the next months, it went out a few more times, but every time we prayed, it went back. Over the next few years I prayed for a few other people and they were all healed. I have no idea what was the actual healing with each, but they all had legs lengthened. A few years after this, I was visiting an elderly lady in the church and her adult daughter was there. She told me that she was having problems with her dancing lessons as one leg was shorter than the other.

The doctor had told her the only solution was to cut an inch out of her left leg. I was more confident now, so, although she wasn't a Christian, I told her she didn't have to do that – God could heal her. She looked surprised but agreed for me to pray. We checked her legs in the same way and I prayed (with my eyes open). Her leg grew in front of my eyes! This was not a joint going back – the leg grew. Her dance teacher immediately noticed the difference. It has been healed ever since. As a science teacher, I wonder how this could happen but I am also grateful that God is able to go beyond science and perform wonders.

FAQ's about testimonies

Can I have more than one brick on Eternal Wall?

Of course. God does not restrict his answered prayers to one per person, so we don't want to either. If God has moved miraculously in multiple areas of your life, then we would be delighted to hear about them all.

Does my testimony have to be a healing?

Definitely not. We love hearing answered prayers of healing, but that is just one small way in which Jesus brings His glory into people's lives and answers prayer. We want to hear your testimonies, no matter how small they may seem.

Is there a word limit?

Yes, answered prayers are limited to 500 words. This should be more than enough to input your testimony in detail. If you have multiple facets or answered prayers as part of your testimony that may take more words to write then you can submit multiple testimonies.

Can I add pictures?

Yes, you can add up to 5 pictures to each answered prayer submission. Some examples of pictures you may attach could include a change in a physical condition, such as healed eczema; a new house or car; or perhaps a family photo after a miraculous conception. These are just a few ideas; feel free to be creative with the images that you add to your answered prayer as long as they correspond to its content and are owned by you.

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Gavin Calver